Coat Care Spray
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Specially formulated by Dr Harley Farmer PhD, BVSc(Hons), BVBiol(Path), MRCVS for animals

Does your dog have itchy skin or scratches itself continuously?
Or have dry flaky skin or dull looking coat?

Dog nibbling paws or chewing or constantly licking its feet?

Then you have found the solution to helping your dog's skin get back into balance. This is the best grooming spray for itchy skin that you have been looking for.

DermOpt® anti-bacterial and anti-viral coat care spray for dogs works with and re-balances the damaged skin cells.

- softens and de-tangles the hair it so you can brush easily, remove matted fur with more ease
- allows the skin cells to breathe and rid themselves of impurities, and smelly odours
- kills bacteria and viruses

- first aid antiseptic spray for dogs

- antifungal spray for dogs

- antiviral spray for dogs

For skin care for dogs with itchy skin, spray liberally over the dog’s itchy skin area and gently massage deep into the fur to reach the skin.  This can be repeated several times a day whenever you find your dog scratching.

As a disinfectant, spray all over the dog before or after handing over to groomers, dog walkers, kennels, dog sitters etc to prevent the transmission of viruses. The ingredients conform to EN 14476 and kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Keep a bottle handy and use as an antibacterial spray for dogs after walks

Ideally used in combination with DermOpt® dog shampoo for itchy skin.

 Individual bottles can be purchased from Amazon or other resellers.


The ingredients of DermOpt® coat spray for perfect skin can be found here.


No claims are made for effectiveness against infection and infestation by fleas, mites and ticks, or against mange and dermatitis.