Hand Sanitiser Foam<br />100ml

Hand Sanitiser Foam

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Hand Sanitiser Foamer 100ml

This handy foaming hand sanitiser is ideal to take with you when out and about, whether at the shops or hairdresser or petrol station. A quick squirt and the luxurious foam can be rubbed over the hands, or even face to fight viruses and care for the skin. 15cm high and 5cm across.

DermOpt alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser contains Quaternary Ammonium Compounds to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.  It is lab tested and conforms to EN14476 so it works rapidly against bacteria and the norovirus family as well as coronavirus.  This is why it is used in care homes, and by doctors, nurses and vets. It is also the official Hand Sanitiser used at Crufts every year and especially in 2020.  Our DermOpt Foam Hand Rub is also used by the Kennel Club at Discover Dogs in London and Fitzallmedia have used our DermOpt Foamer Hand Sanitiser at the National Pet Shows and all Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s DogFests since 2015.

Since this Hand Sanitiser contains no alcohol, which evaporates rapidly, the ingredients remain on the skin and there is a lasting residual antimicrobial effect.  Indeed, alcohol can evaporate before it has even had a chance to kill some viruses.

Alcohol stings when it enters cuts and grazes and after prolonged use, it can dry out the skin and make hands sore and uncomfortable.  For this reason many users avoid using alcohol or do not use it as often as necessary because of the discomfort.  Additionally it can be offensive to some religious groups.  DermOpt Hand Sanitiser on the other hand is kind to the skin and safe to use around children and pets.

DermOpt alcohol free Hand Sanitiser is based on natural plant oils without any alcohol, so it does not sting in cuts and it leaves the skin feeling comfortable, silky and smooth.  After regular use it leads to healthy skin without dryness or flakiness.  It was created by Dr Harley Farmer to improve skin conditions.

The sanitiser liquid is supplied in a foaming bottle which produces a luxurious foam which keeps the sanitiser foam rub in the palm of the hand and allows you to see where the rub has spread over your hands, which enhances the infection control process.

The sanitiser liquid can be refilled from our 1000ml refill bottles, or our 5 litre refill containers to save money and the environment.

A full list of the ingredients can be found under the FAQs here