Keeping your Dog’s Itchy Skin at Bay

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No one likes to see their pet suffer, and often when your dog is insistently itching it can feel as though they can't stop! We are here to give you some tips to keep your dog’s itchy skin in check. 

Every dog will itch from time to time, and regular itching is pretty common. However, incessant itching and biting certain areas can be attributed to an underlying issue that may need some attention. The two most common reasons for a dog’s itchy skin are fleas or an allergic reaction. However, dry skin is also a common cause of itchy skin, especially if you reside in an area of low humidity.

Dog itchy skin due to fleas:

Parasites are the most common cause of itching. Lice and fleas are the most common type of parasite that can attach themselves to your dog’s fur and multiply, causing deep irritation to your pet. Mites, which are even smaller than fleas also burrow under the skin and in extreme cases can lead to mange. The best way to get rid of fleas or mites and soothe your dog’s skin is by using a dedicated product for itchy skin that eliminates fleas and other parasites as part of your wash routine. 

Introducing the right pet shampoo treatment (Dermopt Itchy Dog Shampoo) can make a huge difference in the removal of fleas and other parasites and soothe your pet’s skin.

Dog itchy skin due to allergies:

Many dogs suffer from allergies, with certain breeds being more likely than others such as Labradors and German Shepherds. The most common cause of allergic reactions in dogs are from insects, food or environmental allergens such as pollen or dust. The best way to decipher the type of allergy that may be affecting your dog’s skin is by getting a veterinarian to conduct an allergy test. 

The first step to helping your dog with allergies is by altering your home to ease mild itching. One of the main things to pay attention to is your dog’s bed. Dog bed’s are often manufactured with synthetic or latex materials, both of which are resistant to dust mites. A hypoallergenic dog bed is more likely to be made of denser foam, which is less likely to harbour dust mites and other parasites. 

Next is your dog’s food, allergies to certain ingredients are just as common in dogs as in humans. If not attended to the itching from food allergies can lead to hair loss. However, this is one of the easiest issues to treat once you know the root cause. So a trip to the vet can identify which allergen affects your dog. Steering away from commercial dog food and towards organic or raw dog food with clear ingredients can make a huge difference and will probably be more delicious grub! 

Dermopt Allergy Relief Foaming Dog Shampoo will provide fast, soothing relief for itching caused by allergies. 


Dog itchy skin due to dry skin:

An easy way to tell if dry skin is causing your dog to itch is by looking for dandruff beneath their coat, as well as rough skin. Like humans, a dog’s skin is influenced by their diet. It is important for your dog’s food to be filled with nutrients and good oils that promote healthy skin as well as shiny, thick fur. Feeding your dog moist food is the easiest way to ensure they are staying hydrated. Adding fresh oils such as flaxseed or fish oil to either wet or dry food is an excellent way to moisturise their coat from within. If your dog’s diet is restricted to dry food, adding digestive enzymes to their bowl adds probiotic bacteria to help your dog’s digestion. Some may also help with allergies! A healthy digestive system allows fluids to be absorbed easily, in turn increasing moisture in the skin and fur. 


When to visit the vet:

If you’ve ruled out all of the above, then a visit to the vet is always recommended to check on the overall health of your dog. 


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